Registration of ForexEE Main account

Registration of ForexEE Main account

Before you open a trading account and start trading with ForexEE, register your Main account.

To open Main account:

  1. Open the registration form.

  2. If required, accept 'Client Agreement', 'Main account Terms' or 'Use and Privacy Policy'.

  3. Choose one of the registration methods: by using social accounts (1) or filling in the sign up form (2).

Depending on the selected method of registration, you will need to use your connected social account (1) or email and password (2) for logging in to the ForexEE Client Portal. 

Simplified registration with social accounts (1)

  1. Select an available social account and click Next

  2. Sign in to your social networking service.

  3. Enter your email address if required.

  4. If your name does not appear automatically, enter your First name and Last name. Click Next.

  5. After the account registration your login via the chosen social network account will be activated. You can add or remove a social account in Settings -> Profile in the Client portal. 
    You can generate a Main account password using the link in the Profile.

Registration by filling in the form (2)

  1. Fill in the registration form. Enter your email, phone number and password. You can enter your own Main account password or use the one generated automatically.

    Please save the password as it is shown ONLY ONCE on this form. If you lose/forget your password, you can recover it on the login page.
  2. Click Register. You will receive an email notification saying your Main account has been successfully registered.

If you complete the process successfully, you will see your Main account information including your email as login and Main account number.
Click Login.

As soon as you log into your account for the first time, you will get the PIN code. Save it!
Click Next to manage your client's portal.
Please keep your PIN code in a safe place. It will be shown ONLY ONCE! The PIN code is required to confirm funds withdrawals/ transfers and other financial/secure operations on your account.

What to do next?

To manage your account in full in the Client Portal, take the following steps:

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